Why You Should Continue Pest Control in the Winter! | Pest Control McKinney, TX

January 1, 2016


Many people feel that the cooler temperatures mean that the bugs are gone! And, as true as that can be in some cases, there are many reasons why continuing to use pest control in the winter is VERY important. 


Here are 5 reasons why you should continue using Big D Pest and Termite Services Serving Collin County through the winter months: 


1. If pests are living in the walls of your home, they aren’t affected by the weather outside. 

2. Your attics could be a place that spiders, wasps and other insects are escaping to stay warm. 

3. Many insects (such as ants, termites, cockroaches and earwigs) can thrive indoors because it’s so warm and cozy! Yuck! 

4. Removing spider webs, egg cases, wasps nest and more prevents many of these pests from returning in the spring. 

5. We can keep our eyes open for any unsealed points in your home and ensure that no future pest problems are evident. 


So, don’t let us take the winter months off! Call Big D Pest & Termite Services at 214-726-0292 so that we can keep an eye out for any pests that could cause problems in your household. 





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