Protect Your Home From Rodents

December 23, 2016

Winter officially started in 2016 and North Texas has had a taste of an arctic blast. Temperatures were 70 degrees on day then the next day, quickly dropped 50 degrees with making the high of 20 degrees the following day. Many rodents this time of year are looking for shelter with these drastic temperature changes. With the bipolar weather in Texas, bugs and rodents might be out one day and then hurrying to find shelter the next day.


Many rodents look for warm areas that are dry, dark and they won’t be disturbed. Often these types of areas include crawl spaces, attics, underneath outdoor decks, and storage sheds. Regardless, of where these critters decide to burrow for the winter don’t let them do it in or around your home.  Big D Pest and Termite Services can eliminate problems with rodents and other insects that have decided to make your home their winter safehaven.


Rodents like rats and mice love chewing through wires causing thousands of dollars of damage to your home. Small rodents can often squeeze through very small openings in your crawlspace or attic. Before you know it you could begin hearing odd noises anot notice your lights flickering every so often. Avoid such a catastrophe and keep rodents away from your home this winter. Contact Big D Pest and Termite Services for quarterly pest control service and for any immediate pest control needs. We look forward to serving you!





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