WASPS in North Texas

November 4, 2017

Have you noticed a lot of wasps lately? Many people in North Texas have reported many wasps in their homes and garages. The warmer temperatures are the culprit for  all the wasps showing up recently.


Nobody cares for wasps, they sting and are generally considered an annoyance.. They love to create their nests in chimneys, eaves, and near porches. Sometimes wasps will make nests where you least expect them. Always be vigilant when moving outdoor patio furniture or if you're opening up an outdoor storage shed.


If you want to eliminate your wasp problem, Big D Pest and Termite Services can certainly help provide an environment that doesn't consists of wasp nests. We provide quarterly pest control that will help eliminate critters and wasps around your home. We proudly serve McKinney, Plano, Allen, Frisco, Celina, Prosper and Collin County. Call (214) 726-0292 to schedule a pest control appointment today! 





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