Don’t let the bed bugs bite

July 1, 2018

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Night, night, don’t let the bed bugs bite” while tucking your kids in bed or growing up perhaps your parents or grandparents would tell you this after saying prayers. Bed bugs are actually a real problem for many homes and hotels. In fact, a hotel in North Texas shut down due to a bed bug infestation. Bed bugs leave nasty red bites on the skin. They are often hard to detect unless you’re looking for them.


How do I know if I have bed bugs?


The best way to tell if you have bed bugs is to look for dark red or brownish looking stains on your mattress and sheets. This is often an indication of bed bugs that got crushed. Furthermore, you may notice some dark spots which is the the bed bugs excrement and might soak into the fabric similar to how a marker would do.


Where do bed bugs come from?


Bed bugs usually hide from the daylight. The are found in clutter,  mattresses, carpet, bed frames, box springs, pillows and bedroom furniture. Bed bugs are attracted to warmth, carbon monoxide, and blood. If you have clutter it helps create more hiding spaces for bed bugs.


How to prevent bed bugs?


Bed bugs can be prevented with pest control services and also some basic cleaning. Vacuum the mattress and baseboards along with the carpet. Frequently wash your sheets and quilts. Cover your box spring and mattress. Be sure to wash pillow covers as well. Often bed bugs can lay their eggs inside your pillow.


Schedule quarterly pest control for bed bugs. You will sleep better at night knowing you don’t have to worry about waking up with bed bug bites. Big D Pest and Termite Services provides bed bug treatment for commercial businesses and residential homes. Call 214-726-0292 today to schedule bed bug treatment! We look forward to serving you!




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