Rats & Mice

December 31, 2018

Mice and rats are not a welcomed pet if you’re like most people. Unless you’re using them to feed your pet snake or a big fan of the movie Ratatouille. Mice and rats will usually come out during the night since they are nocturnal rodents.


The length of mice are usually anywhere from 12-20 cm which includes the tail and often weigh anywhere between 12 to 30 grams. Often they have long whiskers with a triangular nose. Typical colors of mice are white, grey and brown. You’ll notice that mice have long hairy tails with large floppy ears.  

Rat tails are often scaly, hairless and long. Their nose is not as triangular shaped as a mouse. Rats are typically black, brown gray and white. They often been in nasty areas so are notable for leaving behind footprints.  They are heavier than mice and can grow over 40 cm in length.


Mice and rats are not sanitary. The last thing you want is to have rodents nesting in your house during the year. They can chew through electrical wires and cause costly damage to your home. It’s best to have rooms that are clutter free. If there are wood piles or trash near the outside perimeter or in your garage those can be a great hiding places for rodents.


If your home or office has a mice or rat problem Big D Pest and Termite Services can help! We serve McKinney and Collin County including  Frisco, Allen, Plano, Princeton, Celina, Fairview, Melissa, and Murphy, Texas. Schedule quarterly pest control easily by emailing us or calling 214-726-0292. We look forward to serving you!





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