Rodent Control

November 1, 2019

Rodents are not a welcomed pet we want in our homes or place of business. If you are having rodent issues Big D Pest and Termite Services can help. Our highly skilled pest control technicians can treat the  property as well as put out traps for lingering rodents such as mice and rats. 


Face it, nobody want to be eating a nice family dinner and notice a critter running across the kitchen floor. If you are having problems with rodents we are here to help. During the colder days in Fall and in the Winter rodents are looking for places to take shelter. They will often find small holes or cracks in the roof and get in your attic. 


Rodents can destroy your home if you do not take preventative action. If they are in your attic they will often chew wires and be attracted to storage items that you might have. A sure sign of rodents is often their droppings. It will show if they have been in certain areas and the best places for treatment. 


For all your rodent problems call Big D Pest and Termite Services at 214-726-0292. We are located in McKinney and proudly serve Collin County. We look forward to helping you have a rodent free property. Be sure to inquire about our quarterly pest control services for proactive bug and insect treatment. 




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