Wasp Control

November 30, 2019

Wasps are in full force this year in North Texas. You may be wondering why you are seeing many wasps swarming around outside in the eaves of your house. It has a lot to do with the weather. Usually a few days before a cold front comes through the wasps are looking for places they can take shelter and build their nests. 


Wasps can be extremely annoying and their stings are not fun to endure either. Wasps are one of the few flying insects that can be aggressive and pick a fight with you. Even if you're not a threat to them if they feel any sense of being disturbed they can become agitated easily. 


Yoo may be wondering what you can do to control the wasps around your property. Sure you can by the cans of wasps spray, but don't expect the treatment to last long. Also you put yourself at risk of getting stung by spraying a nest. The best thing to do is hire a professional pest control service that will take care of the issue. Big D Pest and Termite Services has professional grade treatment that will eliminate your wasps problems a lot longer than the wasp spray you buy at the local store. 


Preventing  wasps nests is a big key to helping control the issue. Keeping wood piles away from the house and making sure the eves of the house are regular swept and free of nests will help as well. Wasps like to get in small cracks and even up in the attics of homes where they won't be disturbed.   Sealing any outside cracks around the property and adding screen mesh in the brick spaces can be very helpful for wasps prevention. 


For all your wasp problems call Big D Pest and Termite Service in McKinney, Texas. We proudly serve Collin County including Plano, Allen, Celina, Fairview, Melissa, Anna, Frisco, Princeton, and Wylie, TX.  We look forward to helping with all your wasp problems around your home or commercial building. 




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