Three Signs Of Termite Activity Around Your McKinney Property


You see, termites rapidly consume and dig in wood. The only thing they do faster is reproduce. Most McKinney residents will be unaware that these bugs are on their property because termites live primarily behind walls. If you want to save your McKinney property from them, you have to be proactive about looking out for and eliminating them before they dig in. You can learn how to do just that with the help of Big D Pest & Termite Services.

How Do You Know When You Have a Termite Infestation?

There are three tell-tale signs of termite activity; it’s important to know them well.

1. Damaged Wood & Paint

Once termites have had some time to get to work on your property, wood will appear ruined. You’ll start to see multiple tiny holes the size of a needlepoint. Foundations and walls will sound hollow when you knock on them. Most strikingly, they’ll have mud tubes and maze patterns in them. Tiles and floorboards will be loose or cave in when you apply pressure. Drywall will begin to sag and be discolored. Paint will bubble and peel as if it was water damaged.

2. Hearing Odd Noises & Seeing Specks

As termites move about inside walls, you may hear soft ticking or clicking noises. If you see small debris piles that resemble a salt and pepper spill, it’s likely their fecal matter.

3. Spotting Termite Swarmers

In termite colonies, each insect has a role. The job of workers is in their name. They’re ? of an inch long and are white or grayish-white. Soldiers protect the family; they have pronounced jaws and yellow-brown heads. Swarmers have the responsibility of mating, reproducing, and developing new nests. When a termite home is jam-packed, they’ll leave to make a fresh one. This happens in the spring season. You’re liable to see swarmers heading out from wall cracks and flying near light. All these things considered, seeing a swarmer is the greatest indication an infestation is underway.

Swarmers are ½ of an inch long and have wings that look like fish scales. They shed these wings, so keep your eyes open for dropped ones. Swarmers can be black, yellow, or brown.

How Can You Prevent Termites?

If it doesn’t seem like termites are currently feasting on your home or establishment, think of yourself as lucky. However, you don’t want to let your guard down. Take these steps to make your place less attractive and accessible to termites:

  • Either repair or get rid of compromised wood, especially if it’s been softened by water damage.
  • Fix moisture issues; particularly if it’s making wood soggy (ex. leaky fixtures, plumbing problems).
  • Store wood far from your building and off of soil (ex. free lumber).
  • Address openings and holes in foundations, walls, and utility lines.
  • Tend to your yard and garden, and distance greenery from the front door.
  • Gutters and vents should stay clean.

How Can Big D Pest & Termite Assist With Termites?

The name Big D Pest & Termite says it all. Insects and creatures are no match for us, and termites certainly aren’t. We’ve put concentrated energy into studying these critters, training our technicians on their behavior, and providing treatments that are specially designed to take them out. Don’t try to handle these destroyers on your own; most commercial pesticides aren’t strong enough to eliminate them. Our state-of-the-art products will get the job done thoroughly. Protect what’s yours and call us today for effective termite control in McKinney!

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