McKinney, TX Wildlife Control

Keeping McKinney’s Critter Population Away from Your Property

Here in McKinney, we coexist with a variety of wildlife species. While these creatures are an integral part of our local ecosystem, we don’t want them venturing too close to our homes or businesses. Unwanted visits from raccoons, squirrels, or other animals can lead to property damage, health hazards, and a host of other problems. That's where Big D Pest & Termite steps in with our top-notch wildlife control services.

We understand that a peaceful coexistence means keeping wildlife where it belongs - in the wild. For almost two decades, we've been your reliable partner in managing wildlife intrusions effectively and humanely. Our experienced team possesses the knowledge and tools to address a wide range of wildlife issues, from small critters to larger animals. Trust us to safeguard your property so you can enjoy a critter-free environment.

What Kinds of Wildlife Can We Help You With?

At Big D Pest & Termite, we are equipped to manage a broad spectrum of wildlife pests that residents of McKinney and the surrounding communities may encounter. 

We offer targeted wildlife solutions for infestations of:

  • Raccoons: These nocturnal creatures are known for their dexterity and resourcefulness, often rummaging through trash cans or attics in search of food.
  • Squirrels: While they may seem harmless, squirrels can cause significant property damage by chewing on electrical wires or burrowing in insulation.
  • Opossums: North America's only marsupial, opossums are often found in attics or under decks and can carry a variety of parasites and diseases.
  • Skunks: Known for their potent smell, skunks can be a nuisance for homeowners. They often burrow under structures and can spray when threatened.
  • Foxes: Foxes are beautiful creatures, but they can be a concern for homeowners due to their scavenging habits and potential to carry rabies.
  • Armadillos: Known for their unique armor, armadillos can wreak havoc on lawns and gardens as they search for insects to eat.
  • And more!

Remember, if any of these wildlife pests are causing problems on your property, you can rely on Big D Pest & Termite for professional, humane, and effective wildlife control solutions.

Request a free estimate from wildlife removal and exclusion services in McKinney when you call (214) 428-6826!

What Our Customers Are Saying

Raving Reviews, Pest-Free Homes

  • "I LOVE this company!"

    Everyone has been so professional and friendly. The office staff were very responsive and on point. I can DEFINITELY tell the difference between this family-owned business and some of the larger conglomerate companies out there.

    Cindy P.
  • "Professional, congenial, courteous, and thoroughly successful!"

    Dave and his staff have cared for our home for over 20 years, giving us complete satisfaction. Professional, congenial, courteous, and thoroughly successful...that's how we describe the excellent service we have received.

    Kathleen M.
  • "Great Job!!!"

    Thank you, Big D and Evan, for taking such great care of us. I loved how much you cared about our pets and how well you explained the process and options.

    Teresa S.
  • "I love them!"

    I have been doing business with Big D Pest & Termite Services for over 27 years and I would never change! Great family business and great employees and wonderful company to work for as well!!!

    Lynne N.
  • "Couldn’t ask for a better pest prevention service!"

    Bo your the best! Thank you Big D for being the best pest prevention service we have had ever! We have been with Big D for 3+ years and couldn’t ask for a better pest prevention service and customer service. Cheers!

    Chance L.
  • "Professional, friendly, effective, and reasonably priced."

    Big D Pest Control and their guy Brandon Kelly have always done well by us. They are professional, friendly, effective, and reasonably priced. What’s not to like?

    Knox H.
  • "What a fantastic experience overall!"

    Camille was very friendly and responsive and scheduled me promptly based on my needs. Our service technicians were punctual, professional, friendly, knowledgeable and very thorough!! Highly recommend!!!!

    Betty P.
  • "Very professional. Very accommodating."

    I can already tell that I am going to use Big D's services for a long time to come. Evan was amazing and kind. Listened to our needs and met them.


How We Remove Wildlife from Your Property in a Safe, Effective, and Humane Way

The Big D Pest & Termite team believes in handling wildlife issues with utmost care, respect, and professionalism. Our removal process begins with thoroughly inspecting your property to identify the types of wildlife present, their entry points, and any damage they may have caused. Once we've assessed the situation, we deploy proven, humane techniques to remove the critters. These methods may include the use of live traps, one-way doors, or deterrents, depending on the species and circumstance. And once removal is complete, we apply proven-effective exclusion strategies to prevent wildlife from returning to your property.

What Is Wildlife Exclusion and How Does It Work?

Wildlife exclusion is a preventative strategy used in pest control that focuses on sealing entry points and modifying habitats to prevent wildlife from accessing your property. Rather than just dealing with pests when they appear, this proactive approach seeks to stop the problem before it starts, ensuring your home or business remains critter-free.

The process typically begins with a thorough inspection of your property to identify potential entry points that wildlife might use, such as gaps in the roofing, cracks in the walls, or openings in ventilation. These points are then sealed using materials that are resistant to gnawing or scratching. Habitat modifications could include things like trimming overhanging tree branches that animals might use to access your property or securing your trash bins to deter scavenging. By addressing these issues, wildlife exclusion helps to make your property unappealing to pests, effectively keeping them at bay.

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