A Step-By-Step Guide To Keeping Cockroaches Out Of Your McKinney Home


What Roaches Live In McKinney?

Before you learn how to keep cockroaches out of your home, you might want to know which local species to watch out for. One of the largest pests of its kind, the American cockroach is easy to identify by the prominent figure eight behind its head. Meanwhile, the brown-banded cockroach is slightly smaller, identifiable by its dark brown color and the two light brown bands on its body. The German cockroach is similar but has two black stripes on its head and a solid-colored body.

Although they are less common inside of McKinney homes, shiny and dark brown Oriental cockroaches sometimes make an appearance. All of the species of McKinney cockroaches have one detail in common - they're dangerous. These pests can easily trigger allergies and spread diseases to you and your loved ones.

Roach Prevention

If you want to protect your household, prevention is key. Taking all of the following steps can keep your home safe from cockroaches:

1. Do A Deep Clean

Before you do anything else, give your home a deep clean. Cockroaches thrive in cluttered and dirty environments, so to make your home less appealing to them, clean everything.

Clean your counters, floors, and even the forgotten areas of your home that you might neglect. Move large appliances like your oven and refrigerator. Empty your cupboards and wipe them down from the back to the front. Cockroaches can survive off of the smallest crumbs, so a thorough clean is necessary.

2. Seal Off Entrances

Cockroaches are small enough to enter your home through holes and cracks, so minimize potential entrances, check your home for openings, and use sealant or caulk to close them.

Be sure to check your doors and windows as well. Are there any obvious gaps? If so, cockroaches can get in, so use door sweeps to eliminate gaps under doors and seal up gaps in your window with caulk.

3. Maintain A Clean Home

After you do a deep clean of your home, the work is only beginning. After every meal, clean up crumbs. Sweep your floors and wipe down all of your counters. As you clean, be sure to use an effective cleaning agent. Cockroaches love grease, and any remnants of your meal will attract the pests, so you’ll want to ensure that no trace of crumbs is left.

4. Store Your Food Properly

The food in your pantry or on your counters could also be cockroach targets. Instead of letting your food remain open, use proper food storage. Air-tight containers are your best option, as they make your food inaccessible.

5. Keep Clutter To A Minimum

If you have too much clutter, you won't be able to keep cockroaches away. As clutter starts to accumulate, find more organized ways of storing your belongings. Consider renting a storage unit or storing some of your unused items down in your attic or basement.

6. Manage Your Yard

If you have a messy yard, you'll find it difficult to keep cockroaches away. Trim your shrubs and bushes back and make sure they don't come into contact with your home. If greenery touches your home, it could be used as a bridge for insects to enter.

7. Call Us For Help

Keeping cockroaches away takes time. Unfortunately, you might not have enough time to do everything it takes to keep cockroaches away. Even if you do have the time for pest prevention, your efforts might be for nothing. It's very difficult to keep roaches out. If you don't have the right training and tools, you could find yourself with a serious infestation.

When all else fails, the last step of home cockroach control is to contact Big D Pest & Termite Services. For the best form of roach and general pest control in McKinney, call us now.

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