The Key To Keeping Your McKinney Home Pest-Free This Winter


Pests That Overwinter In McKinney Homes

Most people exhale a sigh of relief when insects start disappearing for the winter, but not many realize that they have to go somewhere. Some insects can't survive the winter, so they lay eggs in secluded areas that are least likely to endure harsher winter temperatures. The insects you have to worry about, though, are the ones that burrow into the ground, hide under leaves and fallen logs, and retreat underneath loose bark on trees. These insects usually can survive the colder months, provided that they find adequate shelter:

  • Brown marmorated stink bugs
  • Boxelder bugs
  • Ladybugs
  • Earwigs
  • Cluster flies
  • Crickets
  • Centipedes

These pests are incredibly rare to see in a domestic setting outside of fall and winter, but cold weather is a powerful motivator when life and death hang in the balance. They're not dangerous by any means, but stink bugs and boxelder bugs can create a smelly situation if they're disturbed, and they're all capable of inflicting cosmetic damage around your home. Their fecal matter leaves dark stains on linens and wood, some will often chew on fabrics and paper products, and others can contribute to moisture damage where they nest. On top of that, many insects will still die over the winter, attracting carnivorous and scavenger pests as well.

Tips To Deter Winter Pests From Nesting In Your McKinney Home

These pests are pretty sneaky and usually keep quiet once they're inside your home, so unless you see clusters of insects around your siding and windows in the fall, you probably won't even know they've invaded. They can slip through the smallest cracks and crevices so that prevention may be a bit tricky:

  • Seal up any potential entry points – foundation, siding, roof and trim, pipes, wires, around window and door frames
  • Replace worn-down insulation around windows and doors
  • Remove yard clippings, leaf piles, and other debris from around your property
  • Address any moisture problems around your home, like leaky pipes and extensive water damage
  • Clear out clutter to reduce hiding spots
  • Clean out the gutters regularly
  • Install a tight-fitting chimney cap if you have a chimney

The Best Way To Exterminate Winter Pests In Your McKinney Home

If you have winter pests nesting inside your walls, don't try to exterminate them on your own. Dead pests attract more pests, and you don't want another pest problem after solving the first one. The best way to ensure your McKinney home stays pest-free all year is through the help of a trusted pest professional like Big D Pest & Termite Services.

Our home pest professionals in McKinney are highly trained and familiar with all of McKinney's common and occasional pests. We make sure our employees receive yearly training on new and improved pest control practices, we only use the highest quality home pest control products available, and we always make sure our treatments are 100% effective. We know how important a pest-free home is to our customers, and that's why every treatment is guaranteed. If you see pests again after we've treated for them, we come back out and treat again at no additional cost. So get in contact with us today to start discussing your options.

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