Tricks To Keeping The Rats In McKinney Out Of Your Home

Domesticated rats make excellent pets, but they are not the rodents that invade your home. All the bad things you've heard about rats are true when it comes to wild rats in McKinney. These pests are some of the most dangerous and destructive creatures, so don't let their small size fool you. Rats are also highly adaptable and used to living alongside humans for centuries.

When protecting your home from rats, being proactive is vital. The McKinney pest control team at Big D Pest & Termite Services has put together a guidebook to rat prevention that includes practical preventative steps.

Do I Have A Rat Infestation?

The first step in rat control is identifying the infestation. Rats are much bigger than insects, but they are nocturnal and great at hiding. They can fit through holes the size of a quarter and often live within the walls and attics of buildings. These facts make seeing actual rats rarer than you'd think.

So, other than seeing rats themselves, you can look out for other signs of an infestation, such as:

  • Hearing scurrying and scuffling sounds in the walls
  • Finding rod-shaped droppings around your property
  • Noticing chew marks and holes around baseboards and walls
  • Smelling an intense ammonia scent from the build-up of rat urine

Once you determine whether or not you have rats, you can take steps to remove these pests or prevent them in the future.

What Causes Rat Infestations?

Rat infestations are hard to avoid. These rodents have adapted alongside humans, and they now rely on us for their survival. They eat the food scraps we leave behind and use our homes for shelter. For these reasons, it's challenging to deter rats. Even if you're careful and take steps to avoid them, rats are some of the most common pest invaders.

They are attracted to homes that are easily accessible and have lots of food sources for them, but even immaculate homes can end up with rat problems.

Here Are Six Tips For Dealing With A Rat Infestation

Rats aren't easy to deter, but you can still make your house less appealing to them through practical and natural preventive solutions.

Our experts suggest implementing the following six steps to prevent rats:

  1. Seal up cracks and holes in the walls and foundation with strong products like steel wool. You'll want to use options that rodents can't chew through. 
  2. Place lids on your trash cans and take out the trash often. Ensure the covers fit securely so rats can't push them away. 
  3. Wipe up food and drink spills right away as rodents can be drawn in by tiny bits of food.
  4. Cover chimneys with caps and vent openings with wire mesh to keep rodents out.
  5. Remove humidity issues by fixing broken faucets and plumbing.
  6. Reach out to rodent eradication professionals for ongoing prevention. 

McKinney rodent control professionals offer the most effective way to prevent and remove rats.

What Can Big D Pest & Termite Services Do About Rats In My Home?

Rats can destroy your yard and home and spread diseases like hantavirus and salmonella. So, keep yourself safe from these risks through rodent control services. We use bait boxes at Big D Pest & Termite Services and continually re-treat your home until we contain the entire infestation. Call us today to get started on our effective home pest control and commercial pest control services.

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