Does A Face Mask Deter The Mosquitoes In McKinney?


You may be wondering if wearing a face mask is a good preventative measure to protect you from being bitten. Read on to learn if wearing a face mask is an effective way to avoid mosquito bites and why Big D Pest & Termite Services is a top choice for locals when it comes to pest control in McKinney.

Does Wearing A Face Mask Protect Against Mosquitoes?

It is a known fact that wearing clothing adds a protective layer to your body and helps to keep mosquitoes away. Clothing, especially synthetic fabrics nylon and polyester, can act as a shield against mosquito bites, protecting you from becoming infected with one of the diseases carried by mosquitoes.

Wearing a face mask only protects the covered portion of your face from mosquitoes, so it's best to include other preventative measures to deter them. Using DEET repellant is very effective, but many people are concerned with potential negative effects from being exposed to these chemicals. Natural repellants like lemon eucalyptus spray are also effective. Keeping a basil plant in your home is a natural deterrent and a great way to get rid of mosquitoes indoors.

Why Mosquitoes Around Your Home Is A Big Problem

Although finding mosquitoes around your home doesn't seem like a serious problem, the diseases carried by mosquitoes are a cause for concern. While most people who get mosquito bites have few side effects aside from itching and swelling in the affected area, getting infected with one of the known severe diseases could have devastating consequences.

There are many ways to protect yourself and your home from mosquitoes. If you have a significant infestation, the best way to control mosquitoes is to rely on professional home pest control services, like those from Big D Pest & Termite Services.

How Mosquitoes Spread Malaria & Other Dangerous Diseases

Malaria is only one of the diseases carried by mosquitoes. When infected, a person with malaria experiences symptoms including fever, vomiting, chills, and severe headache. In countries where malaria-carrying mosquitoes are rampant, sleeping in a bed surrounded by netting is typical. Here are several other diseases you should be aware of and their associated symptoms:

  • Zika virus: Fever, joint pain, rash, and red eyes. A congenital disability known as microcephaly is associated with the Zika virus and results in babies being born with small heads and possible brain damage.
  • West Nile virus: Diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, fever, and joint pain. This virus rarely results in serious complications like meningitis and brain infections.
  • Encephalitis: Mild symptoms that may include fever, headache, and nausea. In rare cases, this disease causes nervous system issues.
  • Dengue: Rash, getting bruised easily, bleeding gums, headache, and fever. In some cases, dengue leads to a fatally serious condition called hemorrhagic fever.
  • Yellow fever: Jaundice (resulting in the skin turning a yellowish color), backache, headache, vomiting, and chills

The above list of diseases caused by mosquitoes is a good reason to have a plan for eliminating these pests from your property. If you need help tackling your mosquito problem, contact the experts at Big D Pest & Termite Services.

How Do You Control The Mosquito Population In Your Back Yard?

Professional extermination is a surefire way to keep mosquitoes away. At Big D Pest & Termite Services, our technicians use a backpack fogging machine to spray infested areas of your yard to eliminate mosquitoes and prevent them from returning. Our services also come with a 21-day warranty. If mosquitoes continue to be a nuisance on your property, we'll come back out and treat the problem until it is resolved. Give us a call today to learn more about our one-time and monthly mosquito pest control solutions. 

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