Noisy Crickets Keeping McKinney Residents Up At Night


Crickets are fairly common pests throughout many residential areas of Texas. Adults develop wings that allow them to fly. Their wings are also responsible for the familiar “chirping” sound associated with crickets as they rub them together.  Crickets are primarily nocturnal creatures that are usually most active after dark.

Are you wondering how to get rid of crickets in your house? Rather than trying to take matters into your own hands using store-bought products—contact the pros. A properly qualified McKinney pest control company employs a trained staff that understands cricket behavior. These pest control specialists have some of the latest products for safely expelling these unwanted critters.

How Long Are Crickets Active Around McKinney?

Is there a season of the year when crickets are most active in McKinney? Where do crickets go in the winter months? A Texas A&M’s AgriLife Extension Service report in Dallas addressed seasonal aspects of cricket activity.

Crickets usually lay their eggs in the fall throughout areas of bare soil. Most of the eggs will survive the winter months and hatch in the spring. Peak cricket activity is usually during the late summer months.

The number of crickets varies from year-to-year based on several factors. For example, many experts believe that the amount of rainfall received during the spring months has a significant influence on the cricket population each summer.

Crickets: Nuisance Or Dangerous?

As primarily outdoor pests, field crickets are less likely to venture indoors than other pests. Mainly considered a nuisance pest, crickets don’t bite or sting humans and are unlikely carriers of disease.

In outdoor areas, large cricket populations might noticeably damage garden plants. On properties with a significant cricket population, dead bugs may accumulate and create an unpleasant odor, which is particularly a concern for some small retail businesses with ongoing customer traffic.

Crickets might also cause minor to moderate property damage inside a home. For example, creating stains on clothing, upholstered furniture, drapery, and other materials.

Are you a property owner struggling to determine how to get rid of crickets in McKinney? The best course of action involves speaking with a cricket control specialist familiar with the different types of crickets in this region.

Why Deterring Crickets From McKinney Properties Is So Difficult

Effectively preventing crickets from residing on your property and entering your home is often challenging. Homeowners should understand what types of conditions attract them and what repels crickets. Some of the difficulties with deterring crickets include:

  • Crickets are attracted to the lighting used outside our homes, primarily during the summer and fall.
  • Because of their relatively small bodies, crickets can invade homes through tiny openings.
  • Controlling cricket populations is often difficult, as one female cricket can generate hundreds of eggs.

While many residents successfully prevent crickets, these pests live in natural outdoor environments and may still enter your property. Those with too many crickets should promptly contact a local pest control company for help removing these creatures.

The Solution To Noisy Crickets In McKinney

Are crickets a noisy and bothersome problem on your property? The team of local pest control experts with Big D Pest & Termite Services knows what gets rid of crickets and the best ways of preventing them from returning to the property.

Our company offers a full complement of residential pest control services in McKinney. Some other pests that we assist homeowners in McKinney include rodents, termites, and mosquitoes.

We invite you to contact our office for further information. Don’t forget to ask about our ongoing residential property protection options that feature quarterly visits to your home from a trained service technician.

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