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Pest Control In Plano, TX

Effective Pest Control Services In Plano, TX

Right between Lewisville Lake and Lavon Lake is our city of Plano, TX. We’ve got history, we’ve got nature, we’ve got good people. What’s there not to love? North Texans love Plano, but so do some other guests who aren’t so welcome. Nuisance and/or dangerous pests. These intruders find Plano properties extremely enticing. They’re after sources of food, water, and shelter. That means you need to be careful of infestation.

Big D Pest & Termite Services has been servicing North Texas with general and specialty pest control services since 2001. Throughout our two decades in the industry, we’ve dealt with all kinds of Plano-area pest problems. There’s no problem we can’t handle. Call us today to schedule a consultation. We offer same-day services and free estimates to cater to your needs. Our pest-free guarantee promises lasting results, so don’t wait another minute. Contact the team at Big D and we’ll get started.

Home Pest Control In Plano, TX

Your Plano home might be every pest’s dream. Food, water, and shelter – your house has everything these intruders need. You need to protect your home from pest activity. But please know that we can help! Big D Pest & Termite Services offers comprehensive residential pest control services that cover both the interior and exterior of your home. We offer general pest treatments as well as specialty rodent, termite, and mosquito control services. No matter what pest problems you’re dealing with, we can take care of them for you. We focus on common problem areas that need special attention, such as:

  • Attic & garage
  • Entryways & access points
  • Exterior yard granules
  • Holes/cracks in foundations
  • Kitchens & bathrooms
  • Perimeter spray
  • Plumbing fixtures

Once we complete an extensive inspection of the residence, we work together to develop a treatment plan to target the infestation from all angles. But our job doesn’t end there. We return for follow-up visits throughout the year to make sure your property remains free of infestation on a continual basis. Call us today and we’ll walk you through our residential pest control options and how they can protect you and your loved ones.

Commercial Pest Control In Plano, TX

No matter what type of business you run in Plano, you’ve got a lot on your hands. The last thing you need to add to your long list of worries is pest infestation. That’s what we’re here for. Our commercial pest control services cover a wide range of businesses with year-round pest protection. From restaurants and hotels to office buildings and warehouses, we do it all.

Our focused exterior treatments include the application of granular products, bait stations, and a protective spray up to six feet around the perimeter of the building. After we complete an extensive treatment of the property, we return every month for maintenance. Results don’t mean anything unless they last, that’s why we come back to make sure your commercial buildings are pest-free all year long. Contact us today to discuss your commercial pest control needs and how we can be of service to you and the longevity of your business.

What Plano, TX Residents Should Know About Mosquitoes

You can lather on the mosquito repellent, you can light a bunch of citronella candles, and you can wear clothing treated with permethrin or DEET, yet still – mosquitoes can manage to make their way to you. They use their elongated mouthparts to pierce your skin and suck out your blood. But they can leave you with much worse than just an itchy bite. Here are some diseases that mosquitoes can transmit:

  • Chikungunya
  • Dengue
  • Encephalitis
  • Malaria
  • Tularemia
  • West Nile virus
  • Yellow fever
  • Zika virus

These are serious health conditions that should be prevented at all costs. The safest, most effective method of mosquito control is comprehensive treatment from the professionals. Big D Pest & Termite Services eliminates all problem areas and signs of these vector pests. We get rid of nests and conducive conditions, performing the necessary modifications to your property to keep them away.

Guide To Avoiding Rodents In Plano, TX

If you want to stop rodent activity from plaguing your Plano property, you need to be proactive. Being proactive means implementing important preventative measures that make your property less enticing to rodents and reduce your chances of experiencing an infestation. Try the following:

  • Seal up cracks and crevices in your foundation.
  • Block off entry points in your outer walls.
  • Maintain cleanliness and reduce clutter.
  • Wipe up spills and clean up crumbs.
  • Fix leaky pipes and faulty faucets
  • Reduce excess moisture and water sources.
  • Get rid of exposed food sources.
  • Keep all food in gnaw-proof containers.
  • Store trash in tightly sealed bins.
  • Keep tree trimmings and woodpiles away from your foundation.

The best protection from rodent activity is professional pest services. Contact the team at Big D Pest & Termite Services today to discuss your rodent control needs. We utilize a variety of treatment methods, depending on your particular situation. Our goal is to work with you in order to deliver the best results possible. Call us today and keep the rodents away with our rodent control services.

How To Put A Stop To Ants In The Kitchen In Your Plano Home

Ants running around your Plano home and invading your kitchen can be a recipe for disaster as these pests spread bacteria and pathogens, contaminate your stored food, and present a risk of itchy, painful bites. The best way to put a stop to ants in the kitchen is to utilize prevention techniques to keep ants out of interior areas and off of your property altogether.

Ants are small pests, and they easily slip through cracks around your property’s structure, broken window and door screens, and the gaps around utility lines to scavenge food in your Plano home. Put a stop to this by sealing gaps and cracks around utility lines and your property’s foundation, repairing broken window and door screens, and installing door sweeps or weatherstripping to keep ants out.

Clear outdoor areas of long grasses and piles of debris to further reduce ant hiding spots, and always clean up food or drink spills and store leftover food properly. If you find that you need further assistance with ant infestations on your Plano property, contact Big D Pest & Termite Services today for reliable ant pest control services.

The Best Way To Prevent Spiders From Becoming A Problem In Plano

With eight legs, a pair of fangs, and six to eight eyes, spiders are frightening to encounter around your Plano property. And when you’ve got an infestation of spiders, this problem becomes much more unsettling and troublesome. The best way to prevent spiders from becoming a problem in Plano is to utilize spider prevention techniques to keep these pests away from interior or exterior areas.

Tactics such as clearing outdoor spaces of long grasses, removing woodpiles and piles of debris, sealing up cracks around your property’s structure, and investing in window and door screens all help to keep spiders out. You may also want to clear away clutter indoors to stop spiders from hiding in dark, untouched spaces, in addition to carefully sweeping away spider webs you notice around your Plano property.

If you need further assistance with spider prevention, or if you are dealing with a spider infestation on your Plano property, contact Big D Pest for effective spider removal.

Five Tips To Keep Noisy Crickets Off Your Lawn In Plano

While cricket sounds are fairly common to hear around the Plano area, when you’re dealing with an infestation of these pests on your lawn, the noise that crickets make can keep you up all night. The sound that crickets make is referred to as a stridulation, and male crickets make this sound by rubbing their wings together as part of a way to call to female crickets. The following five tips help you keep noisy crickets off your Plano lawn so you can enjoy the peace and quiet:

  1. Clear long grasses, leaves, and woodpiles from around your property, as crickets love to hide under these areas. If you can’t clear them completely, at least keep them around the perimeter of your property.
  2. Address moisture issues and remove areas of standing water, as damp conditions and puddles of water often attract crickets.
  3. Limit outdoor lighting or utilize motion sensor lighting to stop lights from attracting crickets to your property. Yellow or amber bug lights are also good for deterring pests.
  4. Encourage natural cricket predators, such as birds, to spend time in your yard via bird feeders to reduce the population of crickets on your lawn.

Crickets are noisy invaders and no fun to deal with around your property. Reach out to Big D Pest today if you need more assistance defeating cricket infestations in Plano.

All The Hazards Cockroaches Bring To Plano Homes

Cockroaches are a major problem, and when these pests invade your Plano home, they bring serious hazards with them. It’s important to understand the dangers of this hard-to-remove pest and work with cockroach pest control professionals the moment you suspect that cockroaches have infiltrated your home.

Health hazards that cockroaches bring to Plano homes include a serious risk of disease. These insects will scavenge for food across surfaces and in food storage areas; illnesses that you might pick up from a cockroach infestation include gastroenteritis, listeriosis, dysentery, and cholera, among many others.

Additionally, cockroaches are known to trigger allergy issues and breathing problems in sensitive individuals. The saliva, droppings, shed skins, and egg cases they leave behind around your Plano home are the culprits behind allergic reactions and respiratory distress, and when you’ve got an out-of-control infestation, these items can be found everywhere.

Instead of exposing yourself to cockroach hazards first-hand, the best way to avoid these dangers and protect your Plano home is by contacting Big D Pest & Termite Services. Our team will investigate your cockroach problem and provide you with effective solutions that eliminate these dangerous insects.

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