Preparing Your McKinney Home For Termite Season


When Is Termite Season In McKinney?

Termites are typically more active in the spring and summer months. Since they prefer warmer temperatures to begin with, unfortunately for McKinney homeowners, the warmer weather here in Texas means that termites can be active as early as February and as late as November. 

How Do I Know If My McKinney Home Has Termites?

The first step to stopping irreversible termite damage is to know the signs of an infestation. Below are some signs you may come across while looking for evidence of termites in your McKinney home:

  1. Blisters in wood flooring: Subterranean termites will bore through your floorboards, and seeing raised blisters on your wooden flooring could indicate that type of termite is at work chewing through your baseboards.
  2. Drywood termite droppings: Drywood termites will nest in dry wood. As they chew their way through this wood, they create serpentine galleries, which they prefer to keep clean. Because of this, they will chew exit holes and kick out their feces, which resemble sawdust, since their diet consists mainly of wood.
  3. Evidence of swarms: If you find discarded termite wings near doors, windows, and anywhere else, termites may have found entry into your home, this is an indication there is a swarm of termites present in your McKinney home.
  4. Mud tubes: Subterranean termites will create pencil-sized mud tubes wherever your house meets the ground and attach them to any potential food source, such as a tree or bush.
  5. Hollowed/damaged wood: One of the most tell-tale signs of termite infestations is hollowed out or damaged wood. This can be found behind walls and floors and will resemble long grooves. This is what weakens the structural integrity of your home as termites chew their way through beams.

What Does A Termite Infestation In McKinney Look Like?

If termites are present in your McKinney home, here is some information on what that infestation might look like:

  • Presence of termites: Termites are like ants; they swarm together and usually travel together, so you are likely to see many termites crowded together as they are foraging and eating their way through wood. You may also notice them outside in your yard as well.
  • Damaged property: You will notice signs of termites if you find large galleries bored into the wooden beams of your home. These are distinct from termites and indicate a serious infestation.
  • Mud tubes: Subterranean termites need specific environments to thrive, and the mud tubes they create help them move from place to place while keeping an ambient temperature. These mud tubes can be either outside your home or along the cracks in your foundation as well.

How Does Big D Get Rid Of Termites In McKinney?

Here at Big D Pest and Termite Services, our expert technicians are armed with the skills and tools needed to safely and effectively exterminate termite infestations in your McKinney home. If you suspect termites are in your home, one of our technicians will come and help determine if a termite infestation is, in fact, present and will then recommend treatment based on the specifics of your case. We use both liquid treatments and baiting systems, and we offer a one-year guarantee of a termite-free home after treatment has been received.

We know how overwhelming owning a house can be. Having to worry about tiny insects compromising the structural integrity of your home isn’t something you should have to deal with. Let us at Big D Pest and Termite Services handle that for you! Reach out to us today for pest control In McKinney, TX. 

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