Can Spiders In McKinney Create Problems For Your Household?


Types Of Spiders You May Find In Your Home

Most spiders are not poisonous, but different kinds of spiders have different features that identify them. Below are some of the most common types of spiders in McKinney; they include:

  • Black widow: They are shiny black with a unique red hourglass-shaped marking on their belly. They hide in garages, mailboxes, tall grass, corners, and edges.
  • American house spider: These spiders are the size of a nickel and are usually gray with some white markings. They spend a lot of time in dark, hidden areas.
  • Wolf spider: The largest species of this type of spider can grow up to an inch and a half long. They are usually hairy arthropods that are gray, black, or brown. You will usually find them in garages, basements, or sheds.
  • Daddy longlegs: This spider has one round body part with long, thin legs. These outdoor pests can sometimes hide under decks or siding.
  • Hobo spider: They are tannish-brown, and their top part appears spotty with light and dark spots. 
  • Brown recluse: This brown spider features a distinct "violin-shaped marking" that originates from the head's top part and runs down the back. You will find it in sheds, corners of homes, and in cellars and basements. 

Most common house spiders are not poisonous because they produce weak venom. So, if you see one of these types somewhere in your house or have an extreme case where you see spiders everywhere, contact Big D Pest & Termite Services.

The Problems Spiders Can Create In Your Home

There are several problems that spiders can bring to your McKinney home. Firstly, you will constantly be removing cobwebs. No one likes trying to remove invisible threads while being careful not to irritate a spider. Secondly, spiders are rapid breeders. First, you might see one; a few months later, they drop on your dining table from your chandelier. Thirdly, if you threaten a house spider or encounter one in your shoe or bed sheets, they can bite, resulting in an itchy red welt. Lastly, an increase in the number of spiders in your home will indicate that other pests are also housing on your property. In addition, their entry points will also allow other pests that can use the same access points to get into your home. Now, if you want to avoid these problems, you need to take preventative measures.

Five No-Sweat Spider Prevention Tips For Around Your Home

Below are some easy tips to prevent spiders from accessing your McKinney home:

  1. Clear crumbs: Avoid leaving dirty dishes overnight, and remove any food crumbs, waste, or spills that can attract pests. 
  2. Clear the yard: Mow the lawn and trim hedges to eliminate outdoor living spaces for prey insects. In addition, elevate your stacked firewood and keep it at least 20 feet away from your house.
  3. Protect your pantry: Store food in airtight containers to avoid hosting pest insects that spiders eat. 
  4. Take out the trash: Keep garbage in sealable containers that can prevent house flies, cockroaches, and ants from gaining access. 
  5. Prevent entry: Use silicone caulk to cover gaps that can house spiders.

If you have challenges clearing out spiders and the insects or pests they feed on, you can rely on the Big D Pest & Termite Services experts. 

The Best Way To Keep Spiders Out Of Your Home

The most trusted way to get rid of spiders from your McKinney home is to partner with Big D Pest & Termite Services. We are a reliable pest control company that will help you remove these pests and assist you in preventing future infestations. 

Spiders are common household pests that will get to your McKinney property as they follow the bugs they eat. Big D Pest & Termite Services is ready to custom-make a program for your home if you want to eliminate spiders and prevent them from returning. So, talk to us today, and let's plan for an inspection.

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